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Zodiac Guest House in Samokov - feeding

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Dining room

The hosts offer homemade food, which you can enjoy in the dining room or in the garden.

Here you can also choose traditional Bulgarian dishes.
Петя и нашата картофена торта - нали сме в Самоков ;)
Люси, вкусна ли е тортата?
Тraditional Bulgarian dishes

Over the centuries, traditional Bulgarian cuisine has been composed, depending on the season of local produce. The food comes from the private farm, the field or the garden. Everyday on the table, Bulgarian soups, stews, soups and banitsa were present. And bread, onion and cheese are the usual foods in the field and field.
For Bulgarians, cooking was never an extraordinary thing, but just a daily homework.
Today's breakfast, which in the past was called a burglary and a bite, was not important, and the men when the children went to work, going to school, carrying a rump and lunch in a bag, but the dinner was a great honor. The whole family was gathering the ritual, and it was unforgivable for someone to be late or not to appear. Dinner was always at home. In order to start the dinner, the man had to go home and then the family was eating together, bringing together the family and strengthening the belonging to the Bulgarian people.
The most preferred food for Bulgarians is traditionally bread, no matter where he lives in town or village, rich or poor, the bread was necessarily at his table. Whatever food he has consumed it has been combined with bread. Bread has always symbolized something sacred and is respected and valuable to this day.
Untreated grain was roasted in mills to obtain the flour for the bread. Bread flour was used mostly for bread milling, and millet flour was used for poor harvesting. At home, the women crushed the dough and roasted the bread. Every household has a furnace for baking, and for centuries the bread has been prepared in the family home.
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