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After breakfast you will head out to the Rila National Park located in the middle and upper parts of the Rila Mountain. The park is the biggest one of its kind in Bulgaria. The name"Rila" comes from the ancient roman word Roula meaning Abounding in water mountain. The name has not been picked by accident - there are more than 200 lakes and mineral springs in the Rila Mountain. The main Bulgarian watershed goes along the ridge of the mountain. It coincides with the main Balkan watershed that divides the catchment areas of Black Sea and Aegean Sea. Your goal is to climb up the Moussala peak at 2925 m altitude that is the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula. You will start the tour from Borovets heading out to Yastrebets peak at 2369 m altitude using a cabin lift. Then continue to the Mousala hut (2389 m altitude) on foot which takes an hour and then it will take another 2 hours for you to get to the Moussala peak.

On your way to the Moussala peak you will stop at the Ledenoto ezero shelter that was named after the lake located next to it. The lake is situated at 2709 m altitude and is the one located at the highest point compared to all the other lakes in Bulgaria. You will have lunch there staring at the beautiful, pure water and remaining breathless surrounded by the unique nature. After lunch you will continue to the Moussala peak located at 2925 m altitude. The view that reveals from the peak is stunning and if you are lucky enough so the day will be clear you can even see White Sea. There is a meteorology station built there managed by the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology. The lowest average temperature on the Balkan Peninsula (- 4 C) has been measured there. The peak is one of the 100 national tourist's places of interest. There is a stamp inside the Meteorology Station so you will have the unique opportunity to immortalize your achievement you have climbed the peak.
Return to the Yastrebets peak on foot and you will take the cabin lift that will bring you back to Borovets. The whole trip takes 8 hours.

OUR GUESTS - August 2011

Thanks to the newest tourist scouts and Malyovitsa Musala conquered!
We would like to congratulate Manny, Alyona, Galia and all other parents, and to express our admiration for the children, their education, knowledge and curiosity!
Congratulations that you have learned to appreciate nature and protect it!
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