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Borovets - the Perfect Ski Holiday!

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Borovets, our oldest and significant mountain resort originally Chamkoria, was created back in 1896, and 8 km from the town of Samokov in the pine forest to build the first house to rest and later builds of Prince Ferdinand this attractive place his residence.
The location of the resort makes it accessible from all parts of Bulgaria.
Winter is soft, but at the same time there is a lot of snow that lasts a long time, which is what contributes to its transformation into the most important ski center in Bulgaria. Skiing can make from December to April - almost five months.
Borovets is ideal for skiing - alpine skiing, biathlon, snowboarders and cross-country skiing.

Borovets is a year-round resort and is the starting point for many hiking trails and climbing Musala. There is an opportunity for mountain climbing, biking along mountain paths, guidance and more.
Runs of Borovets are ideal for your ski vacation or if you have decided to conquer the highest peak of Musala Balkans and is only 8 km from Samokov and our family hotel Zodiac.
Ice rink in Samokov
Borovets - the Perfect Ski Holiday!
Rila Mountain
Borovets, is situated on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountain.
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