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Promotion of accommodation

Къща за гости ЗОДИАК

ZODIAC, Guest House in Samokov

Хотели в Самоков цени
Промоции за нощувки
Хотели в Самоков цени

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Promotions for hotels in Samokov - Zodiac!
PROMOTION from April 1 to September 30, 2022
with advance reservation by phone +359878510021 (WhatsApp, Viber).

1. PRICE for 1 night - 25 BGN (for accommodation for 5 and more nights).

PROMOTION - With advance reservation and advance payment

- The price is valid for one person, for one night, when occupying all the beds in the premises! The double bedroom is equal to two single beds.

- For the period indicated, promotions for overnights at the Zodiac Guest House are effective except for peak times (competitions, concerts, etc.) and holidays (St. Valentine's Day, Third March, Eighth March, May 1st, St. George's Day, Easter, Eighth December, Christmas , New Year, etc.) and others for which there are special Holiday Packages.
- You can contact us to let you know if you can get a promotion or Top Offers for your chosen dates.
- For PROMOTIONS, TOP offers and discounts you must pay the full amount for your stay in advance.
- Pre-payment for promotions and top offers must be made at the time of booking, at least 5 days before check-in. If you cancel or change your reservation or do not arrive, this payment will not be refunded.
- Promotions, Top Deals and Discounts may not be used for credit or debit card payments, online booking with the reservation form on the site or other tourist portals and reservation systems.

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Cheap accommodation in Samokov!
For group offers - Hotel ZODIAC Samokov
Contact us! Phone +359878510021

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