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Certified PAN parks business partner
Certified PAN parks business partners around Rila NP
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What is a local PAN Parks business partner?
A certified Local PAN Parks business partner is committed to working together with park managers to provide a quality tourism experience that does not harm the environment. They have undergone an independent assessment to ensure that they meet set standards and criteria relating to sustainable tourism.

Certified PAN parks business partners around Rila NP
Family Hotel Zodiac, Samokov
Family Hotel "House Djambazki" in Govedartsi, Samokov municipality
Peri Vollas Horse riding station in Bachevo, Razlog municipality
Guesthouse Orlovi Skali in Beli Iskar, Samokov municipality
Belitsa Tourist Information Center
Guesthouse Deshka in Gorno Draglishte, Razlog municipality

PAN Parks Foundation
PAN Parks Foundation (Protected Areas Network Parks) is European non governmental organization created under the initiative of WWF and supported by the Dutch tourist company Molecaten Group. The PAN parks network preserves the most valuable wilderness areas in Europe trough creating a network of parks that develop sustainable tourism together with the local communities. Till the end of 2007 the network included 10 parks from 8 European countries.
The certification of Rila NP and its membership in the PAN Parks network provided to the local communities the unique opportunity to attract international interest to Rila Mountain and its precious and well preserved biodiversity. Rila NP is one of the 10 certified PAN parks because it meets the strong requirements and high environmental criteria that regulate the human activities in and around the parks. Bulgaria is proud that it is the first and one, out of only two, countries in Europe that have two parks in the PAN parks family – Rila and Central Balkan National Parks.
The European Commission called PAN Parks one of the best initiatives for development and management of sustainable tourism in NATURA 2000 sites.

Local PAN Parks Group for Rila NP – objectives and tasks
A Local PAN Parks group is set up for each park, member of the PAN Parks network. It is an official council where the park Directorate participates ( in this case this is Rila NP), as well as representatives of the local authorities of other government institutions, local entrepreneurs in the sphere of ecotourism, of the NGOs, of the business, private persons, etc.

PAN Parks Group for Rila NP
1.PAN Parks
2.Rila NP
3.Family Hotel Zodiac, Samokov
4.Business Center Samokov
5.Guesthouse Orlovi Skali in Beli Iskar, Samokov
6.Belitsa Tourist Information Center
7.Peri Vollas Horse riding station in Bachevo, Razlog
8.Dobasrko Association, Razlog
9.Foundation Information and Nature Conservation
10.Community Center G. Todorov, Belitsa
11.Family Hotel House Djambazki in Govedartsi
12.Friends of the mountain Association, Ivan Vazov Hut, Dupnitsa
13.Guesthouse Deshka in Gorno Draglishte, Razlog
14.Ministry of Tourism
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