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PAN Parks works to protect wildlife in Europe. PAN Parks, the only Europe-wide organization aimed at protecting wildlife. by applying a truly integrated approach combining wildlife conservation and sustainable development tourism.
PAN Parks created a network of European regions wilderness where natural systems of animals and plants are safe to thrive where people appreciate the experiences offered by wildlife. These areas offer real wildlife with excellent and high quality tourism, well balanced with conservation of wildlife and sustainable local development.
Certification of the National Park Rila and its membership in the PAN network parks provide local communities a unique opportunity to attract worldwide interest in Rila and its precious and well preserved biodiversity.
Family Hotel Zodiac is certified Local PAN Parks business partner who works with park managers to ensure quality tourism that is environmentally friendly. The hotel owners are subjected to independent assessment to ensure that they meet certain standards and criteria related to sustainable tourism.

E Rila National Park the largest national park in Bulgaria. Situated 100 km. south of Sofia, in the central and highest
parts of Rila Mountain. It contains self-regulating ecosystems of biological diversity, communities and
habitats of rare and endangered species; historical sites of global significance for science and culture. Hence originate some of the rivers in the Balkans. The name Rila comes from Thracian Rowley which means plenty of water.
 Family Hotel Zodiac is a PAN Parks certified business partner of Rila National Park. Rila National Park is one of the certified PAN Parks that meet strict environmental criteria that regulate human activity in and around the parks. Bulgaria has certified two parks network members - Rila and Central Balkan National Park. Membership brings, as well as obligations to comply with laid down standards and criteria and benefits for the Park and its partners. The park can provide the right of local tourism service providers, craftsmen and others. to use the trademark of PAN Parks and be advertised through the information network of the Foundation if they meet certain quality requirements. Organization funded activities to inform the European public for the park, increasing its international recognition. PAN Parks supports its members and when applying for funding from other sources.

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