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HOTELS Samokov, Borovets, Bulgaria. Come on Vacation Samokov, in hotel ZODIAC Samokov.

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ZODIAC Guest House - Samokov, Bulgaria-certified PAN Parks Foundation and works with the Directorate of Rila National Park.
Our family in cooperation with the National Park Rila, strives to ensure sustainable tourism in small hotels SamokovBorovets, to preserve wildlife.

Our guests are welcome to us. We will take care of you during your whole stay in our family hotel Zodiac Samokov. We will welcome you, accommodate and will cook dishes of national cuisine that will surely love, because we use fresh ingredients and local produce it.

If you like, you give yourself catering in fully equipped kitchen or to trust us and try our traditional, delicious dishes. You'll be surprised by homemade jams, juices, pastries, winter turshiyki gifts of nature, which find here with us. Samokov us stew with pork, can not you do not like it because it prepare delicious fries Samokov. Do not forget the pies and especially our traditional area Samokov Zelnik, which necessarily Serve with homemade yogurt! You will necessarily have to prepare, Samokov "pepper-bacon" and then on the banks of Iskar!

We will show you the natural beauty and historical places in Samokov and Borovets. If you want we can assist you to provide guides for routes in the Rila Mountains. Come on tourism and recreation in Samokov, Zodiac Hotel and visit, Tsari Mali town Borovets, Musala and Seven Lakes. For you lovers of nature, living in small family hotels Samokov and the surrounding area provide good opportunities for recreation and ecotourism.

We are grateful to all of you who chose to stay in our family hotel for your vacation Samokov. So along with your wonderful experiences, helping us to continue working for sustainable tourism!

Thanks to all who love nature and participate in our environmental activities in Rila National Park. They help us to preserve our beautiful scenery! Our goal is to let the wonderful wildlife for future generations!

Welcome to our Family Hotel Zodiac Samokov!

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HOTELS SAMOKOV, Vacation in Samokov, Borovets, Hotel Zodiac Samokov

ZODIAC - Guest House in Samokov

HOTELS Samokov, Bulgaria, Guest House in Samokov, ZODIAC Samokov, Vacation in Samokov, Borovets

ZODIAC Samokov, Vacation in Samokov

Visit Guest House Samokov. Come on vacation Samokov, in ZODIAC Samokov.

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