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One area is reserved for special guests.
This Guest House is situated near a small pine park in the town of Samokov, 8 km from Borovets and 28 km from Malyovitsa.

A weekend at the foot of the Rila for a nature holiday, rural tourism, ecotourism, bicycling, walking and horse trekking, recreational gymnastics - relaxation guaranteed!

Here, with family or friends you will find true rest and relaxation among nature.
Here you will find - purity, peace and greenery, comfort, privacy, low prices, good cuisine and courteous hosts.

Among nature everyone can satisfy their hobby - be it fishing, picking mushrooms, herbs, bird watching or wildlife, visits to monasteries, hiking and walking in the mountains, outdoor picnics, horseback riding, skiing and many other wonderful things to do and see!

ZODIAC Guest House in Samokov

ZODIAC is certified Local PAN Parks business partner.

A certified Local PAN Parks business partner is committed to working together with park managers to provide a quality tourism experience that does not harm the environment. They have undergone an independent assessment to ensure that they meet set standards and criteria relating to sustainable tourism.

Eco-crusade in Rila

PAN Parks local business partner Zodiac Family Hotel - operating around PAN Park Rila in Bulgaria - has organised an environmental initiative for nature conservation. Visitors and nature lovers were cleaning the mountains from tourist waste along an ecotrail in Rila National Park.
Горди сме с наградата, която получихме на 24.02.2012г, на честването на 20-годишнината на Национален парк Рила. Ще продължим да работим съвместно с Дирекцията на парка, за да осигурим качествен туризъм, който не уврежда околната среда.
Българщина, екология и високи вибрации в полите на Рила. Рум Марк, Велика Болгариа, Брой 3/2011
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Чакърови поляни
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