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Nights from May 1 to June 1, 2022

Only for reservations made
after 10:00 on April 1, 2022 and until 10:00 on May 1, 2022
OB only bed - 20 BGN (for accommodation for 7 nights or more)


- Prices are valid for occupancy of all regular beds in the rooms!
- Double bedroom = 2 single beds
- For promotions, TOP offers and discounts - advance payment of the full amount.
- Pre-payment promotions and top offers must be made when booking at least five days prior to arrival. When changing the dates, number of nights, number of rooms Cancellation or no-show, the payment is not refundable.
- Promotions, TOP offers and discounts are not used when paying by credit or debit card and online reservation by reservation form on the site or other travel portals.
- Promotional prices are valid for the period with the exception of peak times (sporting events, concerts, etc.) And holidays (St. Valentine, Third March Eighth March, May, St. George's Day, Easter, Eighth December, Christmas, New Year etc.) and others for which there are special packages.

ATTENTION! Contact us to find out if a chosen period, you can take advantage of promotional prices or Top deals on hotels. Check promotions and discounts for accommodation and housing conditions in Zodiac Hotel in Samokov.
- OB - Only bed, BB - Bed and breakfast, HB - half board (bed, breakfast and dinner), FB - Full board (bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Feeding is of homemade food by the owners.
- Lunch and dinner - two-stage menu.

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