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Rila National Park with territory 81 046 is the largest of the three National Parks in Bulgaria and one of the largest in Europe. The Park was established on February 24, 1992 to conserve the natural heritage of the Rila Mountains as well as the local traditions, culture, and livelihoods linked with the area. The National Park Directorate, a regional body reporting to the Ministry of Environment and Waters, manages the Park. The Directorate engages local organizations and volunteers to pursue its goals.

The Council of Ministers approved the Management Plan for Rila National Park.  The Plan covers a period of 10 years and describes the value of the biological diversity within the Park territory, the identified concrete threats to it, while prescribing ways for its conservation. The Park Directorate-in partnership with government agencies; local authorities; nongovernmental organizations; and educational, cultural, and academic institutions-implements the Management Plan.
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