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Iskar dam is situated 10km from Samokov.

Long is 25 km, its area is 30 square kilometers and 850 meters altitude.

The dam is suitable for vacations close to nature and practice of fishing and water sports.

Off 20 minutes walk from the hotel you can catch fish pond paid, stocked with trout. Pay a fee of rod, 5 BGN, and catch - 1 kg trout 8 BGN. At a distance of 14 km from the hotel there are a paid pond with trout. For these two lake fishing you do not need a ticket.

Fishing base Samokov

Fishing base has a pond, stocked with trout. Fees are charged on a hook and catch. You do not need a fishing ticket.
You can use a barbecue on the base itself (fireplace, grill, table with benches). Preparing barbecue with food to tourists.
Payment fishing it in place.

Rila National Park

Angling is organized on the territory of Rila National Park, but it is carried out so as not to interfere with the natural reproduction of fish resources and their migration routes, it does not compromise the sustainable development of their resources and to foster the conservation of biodiversity. Recreational fishing can be practiced according to the adopted Management Plan for the park only at certain locations and at certain pattern for each species, fishing is done on weekends and holidays.
Риболов - FISHING
Риболов - FISHING
Риболов - FISHING
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