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After breakfast you will head out to the Rila National Park. Your goal is to get to the Seven Rila lakes. They have a glacial origin and are part of the 100 national tourist's places of interest as well as the most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria.

A bus will bring you to the Pionerska hut. It takes 20 minutes from there to climb up to a 2150 m altitude to the Rilski ezera hotel by lift. This will be your starting point for the panoramic tour getting from one lake to another. All of the lakes are situated at an altitude between 2100 and 2500 m high. They are dug into the mountainside at different levels resembling a staircase and small streams connect each other. As the water goes through these streams it forms a gorgeous cascade.

Every one of the Seven lakes has been named after a special feature regarding its shape, purity and clearness of the water or its location compared to the others. The lake located at the highest altitude is called Salzata (The tear - drop). They have picked such a name for it impressed by the cleanliness and limpidity of the water that offers visibility in depth. The next lake in the line descending down the slope  is called Okoto (The Eye). It features almost perfect oval shape and it is the deepest circus lake in Bulgaria with 37.5 m in depth. The next lake - Babreka (The Kidney) features the steepest sides among all lakes from this group. The forth lake is called Bliznaka (The Twin). This lake is the biggest one of all. The next lake is called  Trilistnika (The three leаfs one) and it features irregular shape and low sides. The most shallow lake is called  Ribnoto ezero (The fish lake). The last lake in the line is Dolnoto ezero (The lower lake). It collects all the water coming from the others above. This lake is the last one from the Seven lakes. Dzerma river starts from this point.

When you are done with the tour of the lakes you will have lunch at the Seven Rila lakes hotel. The lift will bring you back to the Pionerska hut. The bus will transfer you to the hotel. The tour takes 7 hours.


The most persistent tourists conquered Seven Lakes. Day One - Fog and rain. Although unsighted in the fog is reached and Kidney ... back to the hotel. The mountain is not a joke! Preparing for a second attempt. Day Two - Sun and visibility to infinity.

All seven lakes are crawled and sealed in the hearts and ribbon. Hooray!

Thank you for the wonderful pictures, especially so that we chose and were our guests!

You are always welcome here!

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