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You can use the sauna only after consulting a doctor.
  • sauna for 1 hour   - 30 BGN
  • sauna for 2 hours - 50 BGN
How to use the sauna

A dry sauna and hot bath (with an air temperature of 60-100 to 110 0C). which produces strong perspiration and combined with cold water or air procedure. Humidity in a sauna can be increased by spraying water on hot stones.

The sauna has beneficial effects on the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and other systems of the human body.

For the rational conduct of sauna procedures must comply with certain rules:
The adoption of the sauna can be done only after prior consultation with the doctor, the best physiotherapist that determine individual dosage and route of administration of the sauna.

The adoption of the sauna should not be at once thoroughly fed and fasting. It is best to eat prior to something light. Before the sauna should not take lots of fluids and in any case, alcohol.
Receiving the sauna should not enter into her very tired after drinking or if not feeling well.
Before the sauna is necessary to visit the toilet.

Before entering the body in the sauna must be well washed with warm water and soap and dry.
The best time to conduct the procedures are sauna-afternoon.

When entering the sauna takes two towels or handkerchiefs, one of which must be posted on pomegranates, and the other used for drying during perspiration.
The adoption includes a sauna in the following main phases: sweating, producing steam, cooling, rest and refreshment.

Originally used at the lower bank, where the temperature is lowest. After each subsequent addictive sauna can be done at a higher bank. Permanent residence on the upper bank is not recommended because there body is exposed to the highest temperature.

Stand to be 10 to 20 minutes continuously in an air temperature of 80 to 100 C or twice for 5-10 minutes, alternated with cooling with a cold shower, air bath, pool.

If the air in the sauna is very dry and felt burning and irritation in the nose and trachea, it is necessary to sprinkle the stones with water, which gets called. steam shower and increased humidity in the room.

Cooling should be performed immediately after sweating over 2-3 minutes.
To quench thirst, refreshment and compensate for the loss of fluids can be considered low-calorie fruit juices, milk or dairy products. If weight loss goals are recommended mineral water and sweetened tea. Consumption of coffee is prohibited because it accelerates the already accelerated during sweating heartbeat.

Only with proper use of the sauna, it may become one of the best places for rest and recovery forces for prevention and treatment of many diseases.
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