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Friends of the plants

Ботанически маршрут - Botanikal Route
Ботанически маршрут - Botanikal Route
This is the first botanical route in Bulgaria. The trail is called Friends of the plants and leads from the place called Yavorova polyana to Urdin circus.

The botanical route gives you the possibility in the course of three hours to get familiar with basic wood and shrub species, medicinal and grass plants which grow in the rock cracks, by the creeks and in the shadow of the spruce and white fir forests. In addition, there are nine viewing grounds built along the trail where visitors can observe an average of 60 higher-altitude plant species. The route includes places with maximum difference of altitude 500m.The highest point of the route Skalata elevates 1940 m above sea level.

The route goes though three different mountain zones where the temperature, rains and sunshine are also different. The time of vegetation season of the plants as well. This determines the abundance and variety of the mountain flora in the valley along the Urdina river, the park and the mountain. It gives possibility to those who admire nature, have special interest and to any tourist to experience the rich and interesting flora and fauna of Rila National Park.
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